Glossary on Pashmina Shawls India


The carrying agreement between shipper and air carrier which is obtained from the airline used to ship the goods.

Bill of Lading

A document which provides the terms of the contract between the shipper and the transportation company to move freight between stated points at a specified charge


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Cost, Insurance, and Freight. A pricing term under which the seller pays all expenses involved in the placing of merchandise on board a carrier and in addition prepays the freight and insures the goods to an agreed destination


The person, firm, or representative to whom a seller or shipper sends merchandise and who, upon presentation of the necessary documents, is recognized as the owner of the merchandise for the purpose of the payment of customs duties. This term mostly refers to importer or buyer


A term pertaining to merchandise shipped to a consignee abroad when an actual purchase has not been made, under an agreement by which the consignee is obligated to sell the goods for the account of the consignor, and to remit proceeds as goods are sold

Country of Origin

The country in which a product or commodity is manufactured or produced.


The agency or procedure for collecting duties imposed by a country on imports or exports


Delivered Ex Quayindicates that the seller must deliver the goods onto the quay (dock or wharf), having cleared the goods for import and paid all taxes, duties, etc. applicable to that clearance.